History of Art

A-level History f Art is a very important subject for students who intend to develop art-related majors in the future. It can help students explore the nature of art and the art market.

This course develops students understanding of the relationship between society and art; art historical terms, concept and issues; the influence of cultural, social and political factors, as well as development in materials, techniques and processes of both art and architecture overtime.


Develops core visual literacy skills:

1. The initial Visual Analysis unit delivers the core skills of visual literacy and understanding, a vital skill in today's visual world.

2. The inclusion of Specified Artists and a selection of works from beyond the European tradition provides clear guidance on areas of study and reflects the need for an appropriate global specification in our modern world. The Additional Works maintain individual freedom that enable centers to explore local museums and galleries And to integrate these resources into the curriculum.

3. The five Periods give the opportunity to study some of the most significant and exciting eras of Art and Architecture in depth. Students will continue to build on and develop their skills of Visual Literacy and their knowledge base as they expand from the breadth of the themes to the greater detail of Period study.