Our A level Chemistry course will open your eyes to the fact Chemistry is all around us. The world is filled with materials that have been discovered, developed and tested by chemists, such as medicines, foods, fuels, plastics, fertilisers and fabrics. An understanding of the subject can help you answer many questions about everyday life! Why are plants green? How does soap clean? What makes baked goods rise? Why do sauces thicken? Chemistry is also fun! Chemistry experiments can glow in the dark, change colour, produce bubbles, change state and go boom!


Chemistry is often referred to as the ‘central science’ because it helps to connect other sciences to one other, such as Biology, Physics, Geology, Environmental Science, Medicine and Engineering. A level Chemistry is described as a ‘facilitating’ subject because it allows a wide range of options for degree study. There are many chemistry-related degrees available, including Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Polymer and Materials Chemistry. These degrees can in turn lead to a range of careers as varied as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, forensic chemistry, geochemistry, R & D management, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, food development, perfumery and waste management.