French is spoken by approximately 74 million people worldwide - and not just in France, also Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Africa and many more countries. If you'd like to learn a language that will truly open up the world, as well as a range of career options such as teaching, translation, travel and tourism, sales and marketing – then A-level French is the course for you!


With your personal tutor's unlimited support and guidance, you'll develop your French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You'll explore topics such as political and artistic culture in the French-speaking world, social issues and trends, as well as grapple with the finer points of grammar. You'll further develop your ability to speak and write coherently, confidently communicate with native speakers, express ideas fluently and accurately comprehend and discuss source material.


GCSE French or equivalent is recommended before starting this course. Merton offers the relevant GCSE courses should you need further prior study.