Classical Civilisation

A Level Classical Civilization allows students to look at the many aspects of the classical world that are relevant to the development of the modern world.

A-level Classical Civilization course content:

Unit 1: The World of Heroes

This unit will provide an in-depth understanding of Homer's "Odyssey" epic, as well as its religious, cultural and social values, beliefs, etc.

Learn what it was like to be a hero in the Greek world, taking a closer look at the literary techniques and writing that shaped the epic's plot, including the use of speech, the depiction of battle, death and mortality, fate and relationships, and more.


Unit 2: Culture and the Arts

In this part, you will study the visual and material culture of Greek drama, with an emphasis on how ancient Greek drama formed the most powerful body of literature in the ancient world and has had a profound impact on modern culture.


Unit 3: Beliefs and Ideas

In the final unit, you will gain insight into ancient Greek religion, which was an important part of identity in this society. Students will also learn about the Olympian gods, the interrelationships between gods and mortals, and the significance of Homer and Hesiod to the Greek concept of gods.

Finally, there is a need to examine the connections between religion and society, politics and religion, and Pan-Hellenism and what it meant for Athens.