History is the study of the past, examining political, economic, social and cultural issues in different eras and cultural contexts. History is a very large subject, and its scope of study covers a very wide range.

From a knowledge point of view, A-level History can cultivate learning ability very well. You need to be able to read and digest a lot of information, and extract the relevant answers and non-answer parts of the questions. History will teach you how to analyze, reflect, or argue in class or in writing.

A-level History is a facilitating subject (popular subject) admitted by the Russell Group of universities in the UK, and History is also a very popular university major. Offers from top universities usually require AAA or A*AA. The analytical skills required by A-level History are also a good foundation for university law majors.

The goal of the A-level History course is to help students clarify the context of historical development, gain insight into the reasons for historical development, learn to think from the phenomenon to the essence, and easily pass the A-level history exam.