English Literature

A-level English Literature course will introduce you to some of the greatest poetry, prose and drama ever written. You will learn how to approach the analysis of texts from a range of different genres, eras and cultures with confidence. And you’ll learn how to express informed and independent opinions and judgements about them based on sound evidence.


Analytical skills are central to this subject and you will learn how to identify key literary and linguistic features and how to write about the ways in which writers use these to create specific effects. You will also learn how to incorporate critical viewpoints into your essays to support and develop your own arguments.


An A level in English Literature provides an important foundation for any degree or career involving excellent written communication, research and analytical skills. It will open up many careers including Journalism, Teaching, Law, Academia, Media, Advertising, Marketing, Politics and the Performing Arts.


A level English Literature builds directly on the work you will have done for IGCSE/GCSE in the subject . Merton offers the relevant GCSE courses should you need further prior study.