Design and Technology

Design and Technology Design and Technology (abbreviated as DT) is a course that keeps pace with the times. This class is for students to create a design based on an existing plan, and then use the equipment provided by the school to bring their design into reality.

A-level DT is suitable for students who are intellectually curious, creative thinkers with a degree of self-management. Skills on this course are developed through studying design and technology, as well as reflective learning, teamwork and effective communication. The skills needed to be used in the study of design and technology are: listening, reading, note-taking, contributing to class work, technical drawing, mathematical skills, modeling, computer-aided design, manual fabrication and use of CAM equipment, taking photos and videos , create digital portfolios, and more.

The syllabus for art and design courses in the National Curriculum Standards of the United Kingdom stipulates three stages:


-Creative use of various materials to design products.

- Use painting and sculpture to cultivate students' imagination.

-Develop diverse design skills in the use of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape and space.

-Introduce the works of a series of artists and designers, and describe the similarities and differences between different techniques and fields.


-Learn to use the sketchbook to record observations and review your own thoughts through the sketchbook.

- Improve mastery of art and design skills, including drawing and sculpture using different materials (pencils, watercolors, clay, etc.).

- Learn about the great artists, architects and designers of history.


- There are more ways to record their observations as a basis for their creations.

- Improve their ability to handle different materials.

- Learn to analyze and evaluate their own and other people's work.

-Learn about the history of the development of art, architecture, and crafts, including styles and major movements of each period from antiquity to modern times.