Environmental Science

Do you want to learn more about the science that affects the environment? This Environmental Science A Level course will teach you more about the conditions for life on earth, the sustainability of energy resources and agriculture, strategies to control pollutants, and biogeochemical cycles. You will also have the opportunity to complete fieldwork based on a range of habitats in Lincolnshire to further develop your understanding.


Depending on the degree and career you aspire to, the A Levels we recommend studying alongside this course are A Level GeorgraphyA Level Chemistry, and A Level Biology.


Suitable degrees once you have successfully completed your A Level Environmental Science course include environmental science, ecology, microbiology, law, geography, and conservation to name a few.


Beyond university, potential future careers for A Level Environmental Science students include in-demand careers such as: Environmental specialistsLandfill engineersNuclear waste managementHydrogeologistsGeologist. We recommend that you have studied in GCSE Science, however this is not essential. Merton offers the relevant GCSE courses should you need further prior study.