A Levels/IB

A level is recognised worldwide as the gold standard pre-university entrance examination routes. With their A levels, your child can enter top-ranked universities across the globe, including the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.


A Levels require an in-depth understanding of difficult topics and concepts in order to achieve good grades. It is directly determined by your child's A-level results which university he or she will attend.


For students to achieve good grades in IB, they must master a wide variety of skills, ranging from math to essay writing. Merton College London offers AS and A-Levels courses from all exam boards, and welcome students from all over the world to register.


In the UK, most students take three to four A level subjects over two academic years in order to apply for university.  Some students also take additional modules such as subject-related competitions, research projects, EPQs etc. to boost their application for top UK universities and more competitive majors.


Students will be guided by our excellent A Level/IB academic tutors during this critical point in their academic career, enabling them to excel academically and gain offers from top UK universities. In addition to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our students, our tutors are familiar with different exam boards' examination styles and types of questions.

As a result, our school formulate comprehensive improvement plans for each student's problem areas in order to help them achieve their target grades within a short time frame.


Merton College London has developed a wide range of practice materials to help students prepare for what is expected of them, with a number of our A-Level tutors having taught in public schools involved with the exam board as examiners or partners. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, patience, and high level of qualification can make a significant difference in the lives of students as educators.


We have expertise to support students prepare A-Levels/IB exams offered by the following exam boards:

Cambridge   AQA   OCR   IB