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About Merton

Merton College London, a leading UK online school, offers home education, tutorials, and tailored exam preparation courses (from 7 plus exams to A Levels) to learners worldwide.

With reference to national curriculums and exam specifications, We assist our learners to develop learning skills that suit them, and strive to empower them with knowledge and skills needed for further studies.

In addition to academic courses, we provide guidance and practical advice on university application process and admission interviews to help our learners enter the most prestigious universities.

At Merton College London, we firmly believe that each individual learner is unique and talented. We believe that learning should be fun, enjoyable and engaging. The education we provide at Merton College London is exam-focused as well as holistic.

Our mission statement 'to provide world-class education to international citizens' reflects our commitment to provide all-round support for our community of worldwide learners to receive top quality education and achieve academic success.

House System

Merton College London is organised around 5 houses, namely Venus, Luppiter, Mercurius, Mars, Saturnus. Every academic staff member and student belong to a house. A house is led by the Head of House, who is responsible for the overall wellbeing of all students in the house.

Every student is informed of their house name upon registration, and they will belong to the same house during the whole duration of their time at Merton College London. This enforces their identity as a house member and they receive academic support and pastoral care from their tutors and Head of House.

During term time, students gain and collect house points by participating in inter-house competitions. The house that achieves the most house points at the end of an academic year receive a prestigious award from the school management team.

2023-2024 term dates

Michaelmas Term: 6 September 2023-8 December 2023

Half-term: 23 October 2023-27 October 2023

Lent Term: 3 January 2024-29 March 2024 Half-term: 19 February 2024-23 February 2024

Easter Term: 14 April 2024-5 July 2024 (6 May 2024 bank holiday, school closed)

Half-term: 27 May 2024-31 May 2024

Our Featured Courses

Our Featured Courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester.

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